Who is it for? 

Families, Honeybee lovers, children, local community

What are the activities? 

Harvesting honey with an 85 year old honey extractor, glass spectator hive, bouncy castle, DJ, food truck

What are the give-aways? 

3oz honey jars will go to local food pantry, donations encouraged for take away honey, bee jewelry, airport stickers, T-Shirts, Hoodies, Children’s books for sale, invitation to sign up for winter and spring free beekeeping courses with Chris Kelly at HTO.

The Artisan Fair will feature handmade and locally sourced items, including pottery, jewelry, crafted wood creations, quilts and more. Start your holiday shopping early!

Interesting facts:   1st year of honeybee hives on the airport premise. Doing extremely well. Beekeeper did not expect any overproduction of honey at all (note: bees need a certain amount of honey to make it through winter – 40lbs out of 80lbs production for example.

Event details

October 9th, 10-3pm at East Hampton Airport