Your mission is to get back in the air as soon as possible. Our mission is to do everything possible to get you there by providing a high-quality level of personal service for your aircraft, passengers, and equipping your crew to perform at maximum performance.


Sound Aircraft Services offers aircraft services for General and Corporate Aviation.

We guarantee top of the line & specialized service demanded from luxury, private and business customers during their stop or stay in the Hamptons. Our FBO ensures personal attention for both crews and their passengers. We provide a tailor-made service to make your stay as exquisite as possible. We provide exclusive and personal service all handled by competent, prepared and courteous staff.

A quick overview of our services include:

  1. Passengers and crew Reception
  2. VIP Lounges for your passengers
  3. Crew Lounges with soft drinks, tea and coffee. Wi-Fi
  4. Loading and offloading luggage
  5. Fuel company liaison
  6. Passengers and crew transport from/to the plane to/from our facility (up to 15 passengers)
  7. If needed, ATC liaison
  8. Security Control
  9. Standard crew Briefing
  10. Catering liaison

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