The noise footprint – especially during late-night hours, is on the downturn!

The East Hampton Airport has been working with fixed-winged aircraft owners, pilots, and their passengers to observe the voluntary curfew from 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM


Three Things Pilots Can Do.

Observe the Curfew

11:00 PM to 7:00 AM

Pilots should always be mindful of noise impacts at airports. Please work with your passengers to arrive prior to 11:00PM and depart after 7:00 AM.

Mind the Path

Observe Altitude and Flight Paths

During the flight-planning process, flight crews should familiarize themselves with the airport’s approach and departure noise abatement policies.

Starting Up & Shutting Down

Terminal arrival and departure policy

Please note other noise-related policies (maximum noise limits, curfews, usage of reverse thrust, engine run-up policies, etc.)


Why is it Important?


Future operation is not guaranteed.

The existence of the East Hampton Airport is guaranteed only through the year 2021.


Noise complaints are serious.

Because of the ever-increasing number of noise complaints the East Hampton Town Board is considering closing HTO permanently.


A time consuming drive instead of flying.

It is a very real possibility that HTO would no longer welcome flights (both airplane and helicopter) from all its charter, corporate and private clients.


Easy to follow curfew and policies.

By conscientiously heeding the noise concerns of local residents, fixed-wing operators following these curfews and approach and departure policies will help preserve the airport.

How You Can Help.

If you are interested in being part of the process of preserving HTO as a vital asset to the East Hampton community and working hard to reduce the noise footprint, please join our list and you will be notified of meetings, newsletter, and information towards achieving a solution.

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