East Hampton Business Community Long Island New YorkThe next time you hear an aircraft overhead, think of a strong East Hampton business community.

Transportation has made this “Great American Economic Experiment” of ours strong. Whether it is putting men on the moon, flying across the Atlantic, or building the biggest rail and highway network in the world, we as Americans have excelled at all levels.

We have a small, yet important, piece of this historical experiment located right here in eastern end of the South Shore of Long Island. The East Hampton Airport affects our community in a myriad of positive, if we may dare to claim, critical ways. Hundreds if not thousands of livelihoods are affected by the airport here in East Hampton. The salaries generated directly from the employment of the people working at the airport as well as the businesses, large to small, that service our pilots and their passengers have a meaningful impact on our community.

So the next time you hear a plane overhead, think of Ashley’s piano lessons, daughter of our Line Service Technician. When you hear an emergency helicopter landing for refuel, think of Joseph’s university tuition being paid, son of our flight coordinator. Off in the distance when you hear a private business jet land, think of our local caters, limousine drivers, hoteliers, and many other small business that are affected economically by the positive impact from the sound of a strong business community.

Sound Aircraft Services is proud of the measures we’ve taken to drastically reduce the noise in our beautiful piece of the world here on Long Island. We are constantly employing new technology, planning new flight operations, and are passionate about making our day to day activities as unobtrusive as possible. We look forward to working with our neighbors to make our community thrive in every way possible.

Company: Sound Aircraft Services
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