As of December 1st, we will be opening up the East Hampton Airport pilot’s lounge with the following protocols.
Contactless temp screening of crew members before access. (below 99.5) Check-in at the pilot window via iPad lounge login. (Need drivers’ license)
4 people allowed in the kitchen area and 5 in the pilot lounge. No access to the main terminal.
Access to facilities via new door code that changes daily. Bathrooms are accessible via an outside walkway.
Wear a mask at all times except when eating/drinking and keep 6’ apart.
Please utilize hand sanitizer while using the pilot lounge. Wipes, hand sanitizer, and masks are available.
Daily general cleaning protocols in place. Additional cleaning exercised when lounges are being used.
Granted access to the backdoor will be monitored via CCTV.
Communication with SAS staff via intercom. Will be keeping in-person contact to a minimum.