Due to the updated COVID-19 policy allowing the East Hampton Terminal to open and the anticipated increase in commuter traffic the following changes will need to take place for the commuter ramp at KHTO:



Commuter Ramp Time Management: The 4 helicopter spots by the terminal will have a 15 minute time limit similar to the NYC heliports this season. However, the time limit intent is to keep everyone moving to create less delay for everyone with a safer environment for all.

Outbound passenger flights: ALL helicopters arriving to pick up passengers will be directed by ramp management to wait in the “H” overflow area, fueling in that location if needed. When a Helicopter representative informs our CSRs that ALL passengers have checked in we will direct that specific tail number to come down to the terminal for passenger pick up. When the helicopter is safely positioned to a terminal helipad, waiting passengers will be escorted to the helicopter.

Inbound passenger flights: All helicopters arriving to drop passengers at the terminal will be directed by ramp management to an available helipad. After dropping passengers the helicopter will either depart HTO or reposition to “H” overflow for fuel.

Commuter Ramp Fueling:  Fueling will not be permitted in the 4 commuter helicopter spots. There just isn’t enough room for a fuel truck with passengers, baggage carts, employees with a helicopter arriving or departing. Parking fees will include a 15-minute window at the commuter ramp. Full ramp fee charges will be incurred in 15-minute intervals.

Ramp Capacity: The ramp has a limited capacity and there are many operators that want to drop at the terminal. Advance communication will reduce delays and increase safety. Anything you can do to help with this will be appreciated.

North (VIP) Ramp: Our two VIP ramp spots require prior reservations and will incur a convenience surcharge. The North ramp is not intended for temporary Hotel Overflow standby.

If we all work together to help coordinate these movements hopefully everyone will get out of HTO with little or no delay. Please contact our ramp control at 122.85 to help coordinate movements for a more efficient turnover time or to let us know if you would like a golf cart ride to the terminal.

We invite our crews to enjoy one of our multiple crew cars for lunch pick-up.