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Community Events & Programs!

Sound Aircraft Services has been partnering with local organizations to help with concerts, races, non-profit organization support, and much more.

Event Sponsorship

We work with local organizations to sponsor musical, artistic and sporting events.


We partner with local non-profits to build community support, education & awareness programs.

Airport Activities

Each year we invite the community to come to the airport for airshows, races and other activities.


Events we Co-sponsored

Nancy Atlas Concert in the Park

Agawam Park – July 2nd 2019

Sound Aircraft Services is proud to co-sponsor events like the “Concert in the Park with Nancy Atlas” – This local musician series was organized by the Southampton Cultural Center.

Run Down The Runway 5K 2019

The East Hampton Airport

Sound Aircraft Services hosts this annual airport runway 5K race each year. Last year, we had about 75 participates and this year are working on a digital option.

Montauk Ocean Swim Challenge

Ditch Plains Beach – July 20th 2019

We are proud to support the MOSC which benefits the Montauk Playhouse Community Center Foundation in its efforts to build a Cultural Arts and Aquatic Center.

Ladles Of Love

Food Pantry Fundraiser For 2020.

In conjunction with the East Hampton Food Pantry Inc, we assisted in an online campaign for donations that will help make an impact for the foodbank. Click below to see the goFundme campaign

Mean Machine Concert in the Park

Agawam Park – August 28th 2019

Mean machine put on a fantastic performance for a free concert for our local community. This was part of the same Southampton Cultural Center series.

2019 Holiday Party

The East Hampton Aviation Association and Sound Aircraft Services

Every year we sponsor a holiday party at the Airport for the community. Santa and Mrs. Claus fly in with special treats for the kids.

Stay up to Date!

Sign up with our events newsletter and will include you on our eBlast for sponsored events, programs, and airport public activities. Also, please let us know about your event!

About US 2020

Our Story

Sound Aircraft Services are the people that assist the travelers, their pilots and local community business with their flights. These flights. We also assist local emergency and non-profit organizations to reach people (and animals) in need. The East Hampton Airport is an extremely valuable asset to many people whol live and work on the east end of Long Island.