In 2019, a bumper crop of baby birds was born. The East Hampton Airport continued to be the best bluebird breeding spot, 70 young-of-the-year bluebirds fledged, as well as 85 tree swallows and 5 house wrens.

We are proud to know that Joe Giunta and the Town of East Hampton have been working hard to make the East Hampton Airport a safe and bird-friendly place. At the 10 nest box sites monitored by Joe, 112 bluebirds fledged, along with 266 tree sparrows, and 65 house wrens. The airport was followed in numbers by the state golf course on Barcelona Neck with 25 bluebirds, 31 tree swallows, and 5 house wrens.

We at Sound Aircraft Services are committed to supporting Joe Giunta and the Town of East Hampton to make sure our working environment will enhance the community including our native bluebirds.

For more information on the local bluebird and tree swallow population here at the airport, please click here.

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